Eurasian Campus

Vice-Chancellor’s Massage

Eurasian Campus, Sri Lanka was started in the year 2015 with the foresight and vision to contribute to helpless and poor peoples who are well versed in education, to improve standards of service through quality of education and welfare. We have grown to be the one of the largest and best organization in the region of Colombo. We offer everything whatever the people who are requested in disaster or timely. This Institute has recognition from the Sri Lankan Government also. The EIIHE is also being affiliated to Cambodian Universities for the degree programs. The Eurasian Campus is equipped with well-qualified and competent teachers, good physical infrastructure, a Library, and most importantly students get the opportunity for learning in an affiliated Sri Lankan institution and abroad. Graduate students do have the benefit of contributions from interdisciplinary teaching for extracurricular activities as the organization has excellent facilities for the same. I am proud to say that, all our alumni are on various jobs nowadays. I warmly invite you all, to be a proud student of the Eurasian Campus now onwards. We are always at Samadhi International Buddhist Counseling Center, committed to provide quality education and life of international standards. Therefore, we warmly welcome you to be with us and experience our quality education with our experts and our dedicated staff by uplifting your strong human values, attitudes and skills to take you to the next world. 


         Ven.Delthara Ñāṇānanda Thero

PhD Candidate, MA(BPU), MBA (UK), MA(PGIPBS), PgD (UoC), PgD (UK),Hons(USJ), BA(BPU),
Royal Pundit, Pali, English, Psychology